NEW RELEASE 4th of June 2020! Single and music video Portal Stone.

Recording/mix/arrangement: Nikolaj Nørlund

Studio: Sauna Recording Studio 

Mix/master Morten Bue

Label Gateway Music (DMF).

Musicians: Annette Odimer (voice/guitar/harmonica), Anders Toft Larsen(drums/xylofon), Estera KwiecieĊ„(cello), Rune Fogh-Nielsen(double bass) 

Music video: director and producer, Jonatan Ørting -Joeight Productions @j08j08

Cover: layout: Linda Balle/Balle Grafik, photo: Jonatan Orting/Joeight Productions @j08j08

The song is written and composed by Annette Odimer.

The production is kindly supported by KODA and DJFBA .