PHOTO: Neti Storm

Annette Odimer –Love Your Way performs in a universe that is inhabited by melodic lyrical folk, thoughtful pop, punkish bruskness, jazz and cabaret. The lyrics, are strongly inspired by nature, expressing our journey towards that place where everything falls into place. They are written in both English and Norwegian.

At the moment Love Your Way is a trio where Annette Odimer, Anders Toft Larsen and Estera KwiecieĊ„(PL/cello) are exploring the meeting between song, text, intuitive language, acoustic and electric guitar, drums, cello, xylophone and harmonica. The result is a musical expression that mixes the almost unbearable fragile with the raw, humorous and naked.

Current members: Annette Odimer (NO/vocal, guitar, harmonica), Anders Toft Larsen (DK/drums, xylophone), Estera KwiecieĊ„(PL/cello)

Guest members: Jeppe Skovbakke(DK/double base)

Past members: Joachim B. Thonen (CH/double base), Lene Margrethe Matinsen (DK/steel pan), Shorhreh Shahrzad (IR/Daf), Magnus Maimonide (DK/percussion)